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Are you a woman who feels out of balance with life and with yourself? Do you know deep inside that there is so much more you are capable of but are uncertain where to begin? Then you have found the perfect place! Welcome to JalaWay.


Hi there! I'm Katrina, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

I'm so happy you're here. Ready to take your health, life

and happiness to the next level? I'd be honored to stand

beside you and cheer you on to victory!

These past few years have been quite a ride, wouldn't you agree? Has it left you feeling out of sorts, frustrated, sad, heavy, or just a bit lost? Many people have put on unwanted weight to add to the stress already being felt from lost loved ones, depressed children, uncertainty of the future, possible lost livelihood, and even divorce. 

It's no wonder we feel heavy. It's no wonder we feel unsettled. Life has been turned upside down and as women, we feel it deeply.

And on top of all of this, we have children that look up to us to lead the way. We have those we care for that rely on us for support, love and guidance. But, how can we be the mom they need when we are feeling out of sorts ourselves?

I get it. I hear you. And, I am with you.  

My question to you is this, "Are you ready to let go of what has happened, release the unwanted weight and move powerfully forward with your life?"

Are you ready to take a stand for your well-being so that you can be there for those that depend on you? Are you ready to do whatever it takes to have the life that you desire and deserve? Then you are in the right place! I am so happy you're here.

Here at JalaWay, we do things differently. Instead of starting off with listing what you can and can't eat, counting calories, piling on more DOs and DONTs, we begin at the root cause of your happiness and health: your relationship with yourself. If you love who you are, if you connect in with your body and heart daily, and if you treat yourself with the kind of love and respect that you give to your loved ones, how would this affect your health? What kind of choices would you naturally make? Effortlessly. Joyously.

What if every morning you started your day in celebration, with a heart full of gratitude and love, and deeply connected to your body (which is the vehicle that you experience all of life through). Even if you wake up on the "wrong" side of the bed! Even if you are going through a tough time. What if you had access to powerful, effective tools that with practice could shift how you are feeling in as little as 5 minutes?


What if you could use these tools at ANYTIME during the day that you find yourself stuck in negative patterns of self doubt, uncertainty, or upset? How would it feel to know that you are back in the drivers seat of how you show up for your day and to others? Especially those you care about most. How would your relationships change? How would the relationship to yourself change? And how would your relationship to food change?


Can you imagine what life would be like?

This, my friends, is just the beginning of the work that we do here at JalaWay.

At JalaWay, we are a tribe of women who support one another in being healthy, happy and in love with life. We celebrate! We play! We dance! We are not in competition with each other, this is a supportive environment of women who cheer each other on in the most beautiful, sacred of ways.


Want to know more?

Your journey begins by applying for a one-on-one consultation with me. Every month, I gift a few 50-Minute Consultations to women who are ready to take action, are coachable, and excited for the possibilities that lie ahead. 

If you are ready to take the next step, I invite you to fill out the application below

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A little bit about me ...


My story begins at an early, young age of five where I distinctly remember looking at my stomach and pinching my fat with disgust. My older sister and I decided that we needed to go on a diet together (I was five years old!). And this is how my relationship with my self and my body began: one of shame, disgust, and self-deprivation. This led to eating disorders, harsh self-talk, and so many diets. 

My self worth was tied up in whether or not I looked thin enough in the mirror that day. There were all too many nights going to bed feeling uncomfortably full because I had stuffed myself with food to try and fill the void within. 

I began to desperately search for an answer - a solution - a way to finally find peace with myself and my body. Through transformational workshops, bootcamps, trauma therapies, practicing and teaching yoga, studying meditation, coaching and much journaling, I began to cultivate a loving relationship within. It didn't happen over night, and it wasn't some magic pill. It required my love and attention daily - and still does. 

It comes down to a daily choice and commitment to practice my morning celebration ritual that feeds my soul, connects me to my breath and body and fills me up with joy and gratitude. It is a reminder that I am worth it. And, the more I remember my worth, the easier it is to make healthy, loving choices during the day. (And the kinder I am to those I care about most!)


As these days add up and stack on top of one another, my love grows deeper, my compassion grows stronger, and I become more and more in alignment with who I am.

Over the 20 plus years I've been exploring self love, I've come to find some fool-proof strategies that powerfully bring me back into my body and into the present moment. That bring me the inner peace I crave.


This is how JalaWay was born. 

I know the struggle of disliking how my body looks in the mirror. I know the pain of self doubt and discouragement. I know what it's like to be willing to try anything to create change.

This is why I am so passionate about what I do. There is no greater honor than to be able to walk side by side courageous women who are seeking inner love and inner peace and get to witness their transformation. I am a stand for all women loving their bodies and their lives - no matter what. This is my life's mission. And, I'd be honored to work with you. 

It's a beautiful upward spiral that ripples out into all other areas of one's life. And it all starts with self-love.

My Background: Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Trauma-Informed Training, Organixx Recipe Creator, Meditation Training, Certified Yoga Instructor, Transformational Workshops/Bootcamps, Mom of Three, and continual Student of Life!


Want to find out more?

Fill out the application below for an Initial Consultation.

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We are all unique and beautiful in our own individual way. There is no magic pill to take to get you where you want to be, especially when it comes to health, nutrition and well-being. Together we will explore real solutions to support you in meeting your health goals... one step at a time.

What does this look like? Every week (or every other week, depending on which program is right for you) we will sit down together and explore what works and what doesn't work for you, your body and your life. We will set weekly, attainable goals to create lasting change. At times of uncertainty, I am just a text or email away with support and encouragement to remind you of your, "Why".


At the end of the program, you will leave feeling empowered, stronger, lighter and you will have cultivated a deeper connection

to yourself and your intuition with rituals set in place to support you moving forward. 

You deserve ALL that your heart desires. Whether we work together or not, my wish for you is love, health, joy and peace. Namaste.

"Jala," means water in Sanskrit. Water is nourishing, replenishing, sustaining, revitalizing, healing, powerful and continually flowing. Let's move through life like water. Let's do it the, 

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Coaching for Me?

  • I don't want just another, "one-size-fits-all" approach to my health

  • I am ready to start making myself, my health, and my happiness a higher priority

  • I am looking for someone who deeply cares and supports me in succeeding

  • I am looking for lasting change, not another quick fix

  • I am open to honestly look at my life and see what's working and what's not working

  • I don't want to let any more time go by not achieving my health goals

  • I am ready to start loving myself more

  • I am looking for someone to hold me accountable in reaching my goals

  • I am ready to be in action to create the changes I seek (knowing that I have the support and resources necessary to succeed)

  • I desire to deepen my connection to myself, trust my intuition and listen to my body's needs and desires

  • I desire to live life to the fullest

  • On the days that I don't feel up to it, start talking myself out of it, or fall back into old patterns, I want to know that support is just a quick text or email away 

  • I don't want someone telling me what to do, I am looking for empowering tools that I can use for the rest of my life to support my health

  • I take full responsibility for my health, life and happiness

  • I am ready!

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JalaWay Programs:

Morning Celebration 8 Week Program:
"Begin Your Day the JalaWay!"

8 Weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions 
* Create a personalized joyous morning celebration that connects you to your breath, body and
heart to start your day feeling grateful, centered and happy (maybe even excited!). This is a
powerful way to create a sacred relationship with yourself and your body. The more you
practice this celebration, the more masterful you become at loving yourself and your life.
We will have fun! *

6 Month Program:
"Build Momentum"

2 Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions 
1 Weekend Retreat
Live Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Classes
Access to a Beautiful Community of Women Supporting Each Other

* This is the program where you start to really gain traction in loving of your life. 
With the foundation set in your morning celebration, we can now expand this love into other areas
 your life. The possibilities are endless! This is where the miracles happen. *

Some of the Topics Covered in Programs:
 Find what Foods work Best for your Body and Needs
Practice Tuning In and Following your Intuition
Eating with the Seasons
Determining your, "Why" to Propel you Forward
Distinguish your Limiting Story(s) and Creating New Empowering Ones
Create Sacred Rituals to Support You and your Desired Goals
Deconstruct Food Cravings
Mindful Eating
How to Curb Emotional Eating

Find what Types of Exercise Best Work for You and your Needs
Look at all Areas of your Life and see How they Affect your Health
Experience the Power of Visualization and Meditation
Support in individualized Goals
The Power of Curiosity 

**JalaWay is all about creating individualized programs
that work for your unique needs, no two programs are exactly the same

Ready to Take your Health to the Next Level?
Apply for an Initial Consultation Today
Ready for Support?
Set up a Discovery Session

Thanks for applying! I'll be in touch within 72 hours. Check spam folder.

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"The Most Important Person to Keep Your Promises to, is Yourself"

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